Legal Frameworks and Training Sessions​

The PROCEDIN Resource Bank, developed by the consortium partners, is set to become a vital source of support and guidance for individuals and organisations interested in promoting circular economy and green mobility. 

This section of the Resource Bank provides advanced legal framework materials of the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement, and training sessions on Legal Assistance on Innovation Procurement.

PROCEDIN Training Sessions

Legal training videos within the context of PROCEDIN aim to educate stakeholders on the intricacies of legal aspects related to public procurement of innovation (PPI). These videos contribute to the capacity-building efforts within the PROCEDIN Community, ensuring that stakeholders are well-equipped to navigate the legal landscape surrounding innovative procurement. Through this educational approach, PROCEDIN leverages legal training videos to empower stakeholders, promote adherence to best practices, and drive successful outcomes in the field of procurement of innovation.

Legal Frameworks Materials

In collaboration with the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement (UA IRPP), multiple Legal Framework materials have been developed and/or advanced.

Legal information is often complicated and difficult to understand. The visual presentation of these roadmaps conveys legal information in a very accessible and easily understandable form. Different ways of innovation procurement are presented. The tools will help you to choose the best procedure and to carry it out in the best possible way, while respecting procurement rules. Here you can find infographics on the following procedures and instruments: innovation partnership, pre-commercial procurement, competitive dialogue, market consultation, total cost of ownership, award below the threshold, functional specifications, innovation during the contract period, human centred design and testing ground.

The infographics are also embedded in the E-Learning Module of the UA IRPP.

Aid for Research & Development and Innovation

Award Below Threshold

Competitive Dialogue: Phases


Competitive Dialogue


Design Contest

Functional Specification

Human Centred Design

Innovation During the Contract Period

Innovation Partnership

Innovation Partnership: Contract implementation

Market Consultation

Pre-Commercial Procurement

pre-COMMERCIAL procurement vs innovation partnership

Research & Development GAP

Step-by-Step Tender ORGANISATION