PROCEDIN Community

PROCEDIN seeks to revolutionise the procurement landscape by fostering cross-sector collaboration and knowledge exchange. The primary goal is to enhance the adoption of Procurement of Innovation methodologies, thereby driving social, economic, and environmental impact.  

PROCEDIN acts as a nexus, connecting diverse stakeholders. Through curated events, webinars, and matchmaking programmes, it creates a dynamic platform for meaningful engagement.

The focus is on building a robust community where demanders, suppliers, enablers, and projects collaborate synergistically!


Within the PROCEDIN project there is a special focus on procurement of innovation (POI) in the context of the circular economy and green mobility, whilst recognising the multi-faceted and complex innovation needs of European cities’ sustainability and resilience agendas.

PROCEDIN aims to:

  • foster a vibrant culture of open dialogue and knowledge exchange, nurturing a deep understanding of innovation procurement practices;
  • grant access to dynamic training, valuable resources, and dedicated support for procurement of innovation;
  • Facilitate impactful networking opportunities within the procurement of innovation community;
  • promote greater inclusivity in governance models and facilitate meaningful engagement in policy-making by forging connections with citizens and civil society groups through the shared domain of POI;

Innovation Buyers

Innovation Buyers

(Public) entities actively searching for cutting-edge solutions and products

Innovation Suppliers

Innovation Suppliers

SMEs, startups, spin-offs, universities, incubators, and technology centers

Enablers and Facilitators


Intermediaries, advocacy groups, associations, consultants, educators and policy formulators

Projects and Initiatives

Projects and Initiatives

Initiatives focused on POI practices, knowledge hubs and exemplars for POI landscape

What's in it for you?
PROCEDIN Resource Bank

Looking for training materials, best practices, and case studies? The Resource Bank provides a centralised hub of relevant and high-quality resources, making it easier for learners to find what they need!

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Database of
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Procurement of Innovation Stakeholders

Legal Frameworks and
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Project Results
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