Building Innovation Procurement Capability: Info Session Insights

Did you miss the Innovation Procurement Task Force Info Session on April 20th?

This fruitful webinar was opened to Public and Private organisations and there was the opportunity to present the four European Union-funded projects that make up the Innovation Procurement Task Force. There was also space to find synergies and valuable collaborations between the Projects and the participants that joined the Info Session.

The importance of Innovation Procurement and its role in the economic growth Europe-wide, as well as the New European Innovation Agenda, are important insights discussed during the session.

Take a took to the presentations of the Projects and see how to engage with the Innovation Procurement Task Force in the future:

Focusing the general aspects of this Project league, Robert Miskuf, member of the PROCEDIN Consortium and Coordinator of BUILD, related the Innovation Procurement Task Force with the importance of the New European Innovation Agenda, and how it aims to position Europe as a leading player on the global innovation scene.

PROCEDIN was the first Project to be presented at the webinar, by the Coordinator, Louise Knight, that pointed out the importance of the Task Force as a “network for networkers” and focused the major role of the five key Partners of the Project, from both Public and Private organisations and different sectors.

Regarding BUILD, that aims to build Innovation Procurement for Cities, it was represented by Robert Miskuf as the Coordinator. The Project was explained at strategic and operational levels and focused on the main goals and stakeholders, namely Public and Private buyers.

Silvia Paolella had also the opportunity to introduce Health InnoFacilitator, positioning it as a valuable resource in terms of constructing a “Capacity Building Catalog” composed by diverse webinars, training materials and coaching sessions.

As highlighted by Miguel Gonçalves from InnoBuyer, this Project has the potential to be a game-changer in the innovation procurement field. The Project Coordinator pointed out that “a world of never-ending challenges is a world in constant need of Innovation”.

Watch the recording and learn about the four EU Projects of the Innovation Procurement Task Force, hosted by Danijel Pavlica, from PROCEDIN, and be on top of the best practices on Innovation needs identification.


Take a look at the agenda that oriented the Info Session:


Thursday Apr 20th

2:00 pm Welcome and Introduction | Danijel Pavlica (F6S)

2:05 pm Keynote: Building Innovation Procurement Capabilities | Robert Miskuf (PEDAL Consulting), Innovation Procurement Task Force Representative

2:15 pm PROCEDIN Project Presentation | Louise Knight (University of Twente), Project Coordinator

2:22 pm BUILD Project Presentation | Robert Miskuf (PEDAL Consulting), Project Coordinator

2:29 pm Health InnoFacilitator Project Presentation | Silvia Paolella (Medicen Paris Region), Project Coordinator

2:36 pm InnoBuyer Project Presentation | Miguel Gonçalves (F6S), Project Coordinator

2:43 pm First Q&A Session | Innovation Procurement Task Force

2:50 pm Best Practices on Innovation Needs Identification | Elena López, (TicBiomed), Project Manager

3:00 pm Open Discussion | All Participants

3:10 pm Conclusions and Farewell Innovation Procurement Task Force

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