Beyond Borders: PROCEDIN’s Impact at the IPSERA Conference in Brazil

On the 25th of March, the University of Twente (UT) participated in the IPERSA Conference that took place in Rio de Janeiro, taking this opportunity to present the PROCEDIN project and to discuss the importance of Public Procurement of Innovation.


IPSERA 2024, which ran from March 24th to the 27th with the theme “Emerging Alternatives”, aimed to inspire the advancement of Purchasing & Supply Management (PPM) by creating solutions for a world facing environmental and social crises. To do so, the 33rd IPSERA Conference, the first in Latin America, focused on several relevant topics such as emerging alternatives to reach sustainability, empowering stakeholders with innovative approaches; business models, circularity, transparency, and the role of PSM in creating a sustainable world, while promoting the exchanging of insights and collaborations. 

Furthermore, IPSERA 2024 was also a place to discuss research from and to emerging economies, highlighting their contribution to PSM, and to promote emerging innovation and digitalization on PSM practices. 

This Conference, which served as a platform for the discussion on new methods and tools to drive efficiency and sustainability, also counted on a session organized by PROCEDIN’s coordinator, UT, where Esmee Peters could explain the project and how Public Procurement of Innovation can be beneficial once enabled in municipalities and cities. As IPSERA focused on exploring emerging alternatives in PSM to address global challenges, PROCEDIN was able complement the theme by introducing tangible practices and strategies to accelerate the Procurement of Innovation (POI).


Although PROCEDIN has a focus on EU member states, it showed that it can also have a broader impact once it was able to provide stakeholders in this event with insights on how sustainable procurement practices are important to create a better future, empowering them with information that can be useful in their own organizations.

Moreover, by sharing PROCEDIN’s initiatives and outcomes, it was possible to put into practice the project’s mission of encouraging the Procurement of Innovation capability development and accelerating the growth of Circular Economy and Green Mobility innovation ecosystems, this time beyond the borders of the EU.

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