Unraveling the Complex Landscape of Procurement of Innovation in the European Union

The landscape of procurement of innovation (POI) within the European Union is a multifaceted domain that intertwines public and private sectors. In a comprehensive white paper, which is also one of the PROCEDIN project’s deliverables, titled “Enabling procurement of innovation – Leadership and capacity building in cities”, we delve into the intricate dynamics and strategies that drive innovation procurement across the EU.

Forms of Innovation
This white paper underscores various forms of innovation achievable through public-private synergies. It emphasizes that innovation is not merely an end but also a means. By designing procurement procedures specifically for innovation, we can foster an environment conducive to creative solutions and sustainable practices.

Challenges and Opportunities
Interviews with procurement leaders reveal prevailing challenges faced by municipalities implementing POI. These include energy transition, circularity, climate issues, and sustainability. However, challenges also present opportunities. By effectively simplifying and rationalizing POI, we can overcome barriers and align our intentions with strategic environmental transition goals.

Key Recommendations

  • Smart Small: Incremental changes inspire progress. Begin by implementing endorsed POI practices within your teams.
  • Collaborate: Engage in learning communities. Synergies with city councils enhance effectiveness, aligning with city’s priorities.
  • Formalize Procedures: While formal POI procedures are often viewed as difficult, they are essential for consistent and effective implementation.


But there is more! This white paper serves as an instrumental resource for navigating the intricate pathways of POI within the context of the European Union’s regulatory framework and societal needs.

Check the document, and learn more as we unravel this complex landscape.

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