Bridging the Gap: Engaging the Next Generation of Business Graduates in Public Procurement

The landscape of business education is evolving. Today’s MSc and BSc graduates are increasingly seeking careers that offer not just financial rewards but also meaningful work that makes a tangible difference in society. Among business students, there is a growing passion for roles that drive positive change and contribute to societal progress. One field offering such opportunities is purchasing and supply chain management. However, despite its significant potential, public procurement often remains overlooked by these future professionals as a viable career pathway.

Every year, public bodies across the European Union engage in business transactions worth 2 trillion euros with various companies. This staggering amount represents 12% of Europe’s GDP, underscoring the substantial economic impact of public procurement. Beyond its economic footprint, public procurement serves as an essential engine driving innovation, sustainability, and social progress on a grand scale. It seamlessly aligns with the innovation, strategic, and commercial skills that business graduates possess, offering them a unique avenue to apply their expertise meaningfully.

Recognising this potential, PROCEDIN aims to illuminate the importance of public procurement to business and management students, highlighting the career and impact opportunities it offers. 

There are multiple routes to engage business students with public procurement, each varying in the level of time commitment required. From low-commitment guest lectures to high-commitment traineeships, these pathways provide diverse opportunities for students to explore and immerse themselves in the field. To facilitate this engagement, PROCEDIN has developed comprehensive advice notes tailored to the needs and interests of three key stakeholders: business students, educators, and public entities.

Advice Notes for Educators

Advice Notes for Students

Advise Notes for Public Contracting Authorities

For business students, the advice note emphasises the alignment of public procurement with their aspirations for meaningful work, detailing the various entry points and career trajectories available within this sector. Educators are provided with strategies to integrate public procurement topics into their curricula, ensuring that students are exposed to its relevance and potential early in their education. Public entities receive guidance on creating attractive and impactful engagement opportunities for students, ranging from internships to collaborative projects.

Each advice note is crafted to be concise and targeted, enhancing its readability and ease of adoption. 

In case you want to be part of a vibrant community that leverages purchasing and supply chain management to make a tangible difference in society, PROCEDIN invites you to join the Procurement of Innovation Community.

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