Resource Bank: Unlocking the Power of Innovative Procurement Knowledge

The PROCEDIN Resource Bank, crafted by our consortium partners, emerges as an essential source of support and guidance for those dedicated to advancing the circular economy and green mobility.

While acknowledging the abundance of existing development resources, including training materials, best practices, and case studies, the partners recognise the challenges posed by the complex and fragmented resource landscape. The PROCEDIN Resource Bank is the response to this challenge, providing a central hub of relevant and high-quality resources, simplifying the learning journey for individuals and organisations.

In addition to streamlining access to materials, the consortium partners aim to propel successful innovation procurement initiatives related to circular economy and green mobility. This is a critical step in achieving the Green Deal and ensuring societal resilience.

To optimise user experience, the Resources for Public and Private Organisations section is thoughtfully structured into two distinct categories: Resources for Buyers of Innovation and Resources for Suppliers of Innovation. This strategic categorisation ensures swift access to materials aligned with specific roles and objectives, eliminating inefficiencies associated with sifting through unrelated content.

Through intuitive filters that encourage exploration across categories, the Resource Bank facilitates a dynamic interaction, allowing buyers to gain insights into supplier-related materials and suppliers to comprehend buyer perspectives. This collaborative approach fosters a holistic understanding of the innovation procurement landscape, promoting effective engagement among all stakeholders.

Resources for Buyers and Suppliers:

  • Resources for Buyers of Innovation: Specifically designed to cater to the needs of buyers, including public authorities interested in participating in procurement opportunities. It provides an extensive list of enriching and informative resources related to responsible/sustainable procurement and innovation procurement in the public sector. Users can filter by best practices, legal frameworks, tools & training providers, or country-specific resources.
  • Resources for Suppliers of Innovation: Tailored to the needs of suppliers, including SMEs, contractors, and service providers interested in participating in procurement opportunities. This section offers a list of enriching and informative resources related to responsible/sustainable procurement and innovation procurement in the private sector.

European Education Provision Database:

A comprehensive database showcasing European universities providing Master’s or Bachelor’s level education in procurement, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. PROCEDIN surveyed universities across Europe, compiling data on 114 universities from 27 countries offering 1679 courses. An online survey will be published to keep the database updated with recommended additions and revisions.

Procurement of Innovation Stakeholders:

An interactive map featuring relevant stakeholders, including public buyers, procurers, SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs, universities, incubators, technology centres, projects, and other relevant actors.

Legal Frameworks and Training Sessions:

A source of advanced legal framework materials from the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement, along with training sessions on Legal Assistance in Innovation Procurement.


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