Last Call: Apply for the European Innovation Procurement Awards

Innovation Procurement plays a pivotal role in the transformation of research findings and concepts into groundbreaking solutions. This process harbours an untapped potential to stimulate the demand for innovation, concurrently exhibiting a positive influence on private investment in research, innovation endeavours, and the triumph of innovation commercialisation.

Underpinning the New European Innovation Agenda is the profound significance of innovation procurement. It serves as a vital point in not only modernising the public sector but also in safeguarding Europe’s strategic autonomy and bolstering its global industrial competitiveness.

At the heart of recognition lies the European Innovation Procurement Awards. These awards aspire to honour the endeavours of both public and private purchasers, as well as individuals and entities supporting their initiatives across Europe. Their collective dedication to advancing innovation procurement and the inventive methods employed in sourcing solutions stand as a testament to their commitment to progress and transformative change.

In 2023, the European Innovation Procurement Awards is featuring two categories:

  • Innovation procurement initiative category: to reward actions, and mid/long term strategies and action plans that trigger different innovation procurement and sustainable solution and practices.
  • Facing societal challenges “green energy transition” category: to reward those innovative procurement practices aimed to support the green energy transition.

In each category, the winner will receive a reward of EUR 75,000, the second-place participant will be awarded EUR 50,000, and the third-place participant will receive EUR 25,000.

Participants are limited to applying to only one of the two categories, using the same application and set of activities. The application deadline is August 17, 2023, at 17:00 CET.

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