The New European Innovation Agenda: Harnessing the Power of Innovation Procurement

The New European Innovation Agenda (NEIA) is a comprehensive strategy put forth by the European Union (EU) to promote innovation and competitiveness within the region. The NEIA builds on the previous European Innovation Agenda and aims to accelerate the digital transformation of the EU economy and society.

One of the key components of the NEIA is the EU’s focus on digital technologies and their potential to drive innovation. Another important aspect of the NEIA is the EU’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and small businesses. The agenda includes initiatives to support the creation and growth of new companies, particularly in the areas of clean energy, digital technologies, and health care. The EU also plans to provide funding and resources to help small businesses access international markets and compete with larger companies.

In addition, the NEIA aims to increase the collaboration between the private sector, research institutions, and governments to foster innovation. This includes the creation of new partnerships and the development of new funding opportunities to support joint research and development projects.

Innovation Procurement is a key component of the New European Innovation Agenda as it aims to harness the power of the public procurement process to drive innovation and support the development of new technologies and services.

By setting specific requirements and encouraging competition among suppliers, innovation procurement can drive the development of new technologies and ideas, and can also help to stimulate the economy and create jobs. Additionally, by providing a stable and predictable market for innovative products and services, innovation procurement can help to attract investment and increase the overall competitiveness of European industry.

The PROCEDIN Project aligns perfectly with the goals of the New European Innovation Agenda. It specifically aims to promote favourable conditions for innovation and entrepreneurship, attract top talent, develop expertise in innovation procurement, advance a circular, digital, and resource-efficient economy, foster regional innovation capabilities, and enhance the overall innovation infrastructure through the provision of networks and resources for learning and training.

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