Introducing PROCEDIN Resource Bank: A Centralised Hub for High-Quality Resources

The first version of the PROCEDIN Resource Bank is live and ready to become a vital source of support and guidance for individuals and organisations interested in promoting sustainable procurement of innovation. 

The partners acknowledge the plethora of development resources already available, such as training materials, best practices, and case studies. However, they also recognise that the resource landscape is complex and fragmented, making access to these resources challenging.

Therefore, the Resource Bank provides a centralised hub of relevant and high-quality resources, making it easier for learners to find what they need. In addition, the consortium partners aim to promote successful innovation procurement related to circular economy and green mobility, which is crucial in achieving the Green Deal and ensuring societal resilience.

To enhance the seamlessness of user experience, the section related to Resources for Public and Private Organisations has been structured into two distinct categories: Resources for Buyers of Innovation and Resources for Suppliers of Innovation. This categorisation guarantees expeditious access to resources that precisely align with your particular role and objectives, eliminating the inefficiencies of sifting through unrelated materials. The Resource Bank comprehends your requirements and provides precisely the content you seek.

It also highlights the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange between buyers and suppliers. Featuring filters that encourage exploration of cross-category resources, it allows buyers to gain insights into supplier-related materials and suppliers to understand buyer perspectives. This collaborative approach fosters a holistic understanding of the innovation procurement landscape and promotes effective engagement between all stakeholders.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to unlock a wealth of resources. Furthermore, if you have a resource to contribute, we kindly encourage you to complete the Research Survey conducted by PROCEDIN in collaboration with Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement. Your contribution is highly appreciated and certainly of great value to us!

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