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Public procurement is a vital sector that affects millions of people. It involves the acquisition of goods and services by public authorities to meet the needs of the society. However, public procurement also faces many challenges, which means that public procurement needs to embrace innovation so it can achieve better outcomes, such as efficiency, quality, sustainability, as well as foster economic growth and social progress.

But how can public procurement become more innovative? What are the tools and methods? And what are the best practices and examples?

This project’s mission is to encourage the Procurement of Innovation capability development and accelerate the growth of Circular Economy and Green Mobility innovation ecosystems, and these are some of the questions that PROCEDIN aims to answer. 

On April 10th, 2024, organized in the scope of PROCEDIN and embedded in the Urban Agenda Partnership on Innovative & Responsible Public Procurement meeting, two training sessions will take place in Haarlem, the Netherlands: one on the topic Award Below Threshold and Total Cost of Ownership an another one about Functional Specification and Human Centred Design.

These training sessions will allow participants to learn about the legal framework and practical application of these topics, using real case examples and interactive exercises, while also offering a unique opportunity for networking and knowledge exchange.

PROCEDIN Project team invites all professionals and stakeholders involved in public procurement to participate in these highly informative and hands-on training sessions. The registration is free, but the seats are limited.

Don’t miss this chance to unleash your innovative potential in public procurement!

Register now: PROCEDIN Legal Framework Training Sessions: Training 1: Award Below Threshold and Total Cost of Ownership & Training 2: Functional Specification and Human Centred DesignC

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