Health InnoFacilitator launches Coaching Services for Innovation Procurement

The Health Innofacilitator project is introducing a groundbreaking initiative offering specialized coaching services to streamline innovation procurement. Public procurers engaged in health and social care provisioning are encouraged to apply for these coaching sessions, designed to facilitate the launch of future tenders for innovative solutions.


Health InnoFacilitator is dedicated to building a collaborative community aimed at leveraging capabilities and fostering innovation procurement within health care services. The project aims to showcase the significance and efficiency of collaboration among diverse stakeholders, while it also intends to empower both public and private buyers, including hospitals, regional and local authorities, and purchasing centers, to embrace Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), ensuring value and advancing health for all EU citizens. 


The coaching services will provide individualized support session focusing on two main topics:

  • 1: Advise public buyers on the formulation of their needs: help public buyers to identify and define their most relevant unmet need(s) with a bottom-up approach methodology.

  • 2: Advise public buyers on the PPI process: specialized sessions for those buyers enrolled in a PPI process. Their goal will be to serve as a reference point for concrete doubt resolution.


A maximum of five beneficiaries will be selected for the coaching services, with three beneficiaries for the first topic and two for the second.


PROCEDIN, as part of the Innovation Procurement Task Force, encourages interested stakeholders to participate and apply.

The deadline for applications is February 29, 2024, at 2:00 pm CET (Brussels time).

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