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In the ever-evolving landscape of procurement, innovation emerges as the driving force behind transformative change. The evolution of Procurement of Innovation (POI) signifies a shift in how organisations acquire and integrate groundbreaking solutions.

Traditional procurement practices are giving way to a new era marked by innovation. This methodology transcends conventional practices, placing innovation at its core. The aim is not just to acquire goods and services but to foster a culture of continuous improvement and forward thinking.

Central to the evolution of Procurement of Innovation is the emphasis on collaboration and knowledge exchange. Organisations are no longer isolated entities in their procurement endeavors; instead, they engage in a dynamic ecosystem where ideas, insights, and innovations flow freely. The power of collective intelligence propels procurement into uncharted territories.

While the journey towards Procurement of Innovation brings forth challenges, it also presents unique opportunities. Adapting to new methodologies, fostering collaboration, and embracing technological advancements become crucial steps in navigating this transformative landscape. Procurement becomes not just a function but a strategic force driving competitiveness and sustainability.

The evolution of Procurement of Innovation marks a pivotal moment in the trajectory of procurement practices. As organisations continue to adapt and innovate, the future promises a procurement landscape that is not just efficient but also a catalyst for broader organisational growth and societal impact.


PROCEDIN, a project funded by the Horizon Europe programme with a mission to reshape the procurement landscape, invites you to join the transformative journey. As we focus on building a vibrant community where collaboration thrives, we offer exclusive access to workshops, webinars, a dynamic platform for showcasing innovation, knowledge exchange through expert panels, a wealth of resources to support local POI capacity building…and much more!

Join the PROCEDIN Community today and be at the forefront of innovative procurement.

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