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PROCEDIN is on a mission to reshape the procurement landscape through cross-sector collaboration and knowledge exchange. Our primary goal is to boost the adoption of Procurement of Innovation (POI) methodologies, creating a ripple effect of social, economic, and environmental impact.

Through carefully curated events, webinars, and matchmaking programs, we provide a dynamic platform for meaningful engagement. PROCEDIN focuses on building a strong community where demanders, suppliers, enablers, and projects collaborate synergistically.

What PROCEDIN Aims to Achieve:

  • Foster a vibrant culture of open dialogue and knowledge exchange.
  • Provide access to dynamic training, valuable resources, and dedicated support for POI.
  • Facilitate impactful networking opportunities within the POI community.
  • Promote greater inclusivity in governance models, engaging citizens and civil society groups in policy-making related to POI.


Who We Are Looking For:

What’s in It for You?

  • Exclusive access to workshops and webinars unveiling transformative benefits of POI.
  • A dynamic platform for showcasing groundbreaking products and services.
  • Knowledge exchange through expert panel discussions and interactive sessions.
  • A wealth of resources to support local POI capacity building.
  • Collaboration opportunities with like-minded individuals, entities, and initiatives.

…and much more!


Join the PROCEDIN Community and embark on a transformative journey in innovative procurement.

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