PROCEDIN at the Heart of Urban Resilience: “Insights from the European Urban Resilience Forum”

PROCEDIN, the driving force behind innovation in the domains of Circular Economy and Green Mobility, attended the 10th European Urban Resilience Forum (EURESFO), an event dedicated to shaping climate-resilient futures for our cities and regions. Hosted in Cascais from 18 – 20 October, the EURESFO brought together over 70 speakers and 300 participants from across Europe and beyond. The focus was to explore strategies, initiatives, and actions for building urban resilience and addressing the formidable challenges posed by climate change and disasters.

Valentina Schippers-Opejko, representing PROCEDIN, participated at the event. Her presence was instrumental in sharing invaluable insights regarding PROCEDIN’s objectives. It was an opportunity to showcase the strong connection between Innovation Procurement, Circular Economy, Green Mobility, and the quest for Urban Resilience.

PROCEDIN is on a mission to accelerate the development of the innovation ecosystem within European cities. Its goal is to enhance the capability of innovation procurement (POI) and expedite the growth of Circular Economy and Green Mobility. These endeavors are critical in the context of sustainability and resilience agendas.

The European Urban Resilience Forum, an initiative driven by ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability and the European Environment Agency (EEA), underscored the significance of collaboration and exchange of ideas. EURESFO has been a vital space for city representatives, experts, and stakeholders from local and regional institutions to collectively address pressing urban challenges. This year’s edition witnessed 17 engaging sessions. Experts and thought leaders delved into various aspects, including nature-based solutions, data accessibility, climate adaptation, sustainability, circularity, capacity building, and funding for resilience solutions.

As PROCEDIN continues to foster innovation in procurement, especially in the domains of Circular Economy and Green Mobility, its participation in events like EURESFO exemplifies its commitment to the cause of building urban resilience. The intertwining of innovation procurement, sustainability, and urban resilience is pivotal in crafting a climate-resilient future for our cities and regions.

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