Register Now: Breaking Barriers using Innovation and Procurement as a Strategic Tool

A groundbreaking workshop titled ‘Breaking Barriers using Innovation Procurement as a Strategic Tool’ is poised to take center stage at the upcoming European Week of Regions and Cities. In this collaborative session, spearheaded by the UA Partnership in collaboration with URBACT, EIC, and ICLEI, attendees will gain insights into harnessing the strategic potential of innovation procurement, promoting the creation of dynamic and resilient urban environments.

Led by the City of Haarlem in conjunction with Urban Agenda Partnership Public Procurement, EIC, URBACT, and ICLEI, the workshop will spotlight the integration of three EU-funded projects: PROCEDIN, PROTECT, and LIFE Future Proof Artificial Sport Pitches. These projects offer innovative solutions to pressing challenges, and this session promises to reshape how cities embrace innovation.

Scheduled for Wednesday, October 11th, from 16:30 to 17:30 CET, this in-person event promises to bring together in Brussels thought leaders, city planners, sustainability experts, and innovators. The aim is to foster collaborative dialogue and catalyse forward-thinking approaches to urbanisation.

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