Empowering Public Buyers: Exploring the Complementary Roles of PROCEDIN and the Public Buyers Community Platform

Efficient, modern, and well-managed public procurement plays a crucial role in shaping the European Union’s economy. With over 250,000 public authorities collectively spending approximately EUR 2 trillion annually on goods, services, and resources, public procurement has the potential to drive innovation, foster sustainability, and create a socially inclusive society.

Recognizing its significance, the European Commission has been actively working towards improving public procurement strategies in the EU by connecting public authorities with other stakeholders, and this collaborative effort aligns with the goals of the Public Buyers Community Platform.

The Public Buyers Platform, an initiative supported by DG GROW, seeks to enhance collaboration among public procurers and create a thriving ecosystem of shared knowledge and best practices in public procurement

Designed as a multi-level structure that combines public and members-only private spaces, Platform serves as a safe and confidential environment for fostering collaboration. It provides subscribers with access to essential resources that shape the future-forward landscape of public procurement in the European Economic Area (EEA)..

Who is the Public Buyers Community Platform for?

  • Individual public procurers looking to boost their purchasing power and market knowledge by joining a community of like-minded public buyers.
  • Persons in upper management or who hold political office looking to get information on leveraging the power of their public procurement function.
  • Suppliers and industries wishing to know more on EU public procurement practices and how to engage with public authorities.
  • Existing networks in need of a common space to guarantee the cohesion of their stakeholders’ purchase mode.
  • Research groups seeking to gain insight into public procurement with the aim of improving current practices.

The complementarity between PROCEDIN and the Public Buyers Community Platform is a testament to a shared vision and mission in revolutionising public procurement practices. PROCEDIN, fully aligned with the goals of the Platform, goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive support to public buyers, as well as individuals and organisations that are enthusiastic about promoting sustainable procurement of innovation.

At the heart of PROCEDIN’s commitment lies the PROCEDIN Resource Bank, a centralized hub of invaluable resources. This remarkable repository is carefully curated, ensuring that it houses only the most relevant and high-quality materials. From best practices and case studies to cutting-edge research and innovative procurement strategies, the Resource Bank equips public buyers with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of procurement with confidence and efficiency.

Possible utilisation of PROCEDIN’s outputs and the Public Buyers Community Platform extends beyond individual buyers. It also offers immense value to suppliers and industries interested in engaging with public authorities. By gaining insight into EU public procurement practices through PROCEDIN’s Resource Bank, suppliers can enhance their understanding of the procurement landscape, enabling them to align their offerings and meet the evolving needs of public buyers effectively. In addition, the Public Buyers Community Platform provides a common space for existing networks, ensuring the cohesion of stakeholders’ purchase modes.

Overall, the complementarity between PROCEDIN and the Public Buyers Community Platform propels the advancement of public procurement in the European Union. Together, they empower public buyers, facilitate knowledge sharing, drive innovation, and promote sustainability. By combining their efforts, PROCEDIN and the Platform forge a path towards a more efficient, transparent, and socially inclusive public procurement landscape, ultimately benefiting the European economy and society as a whole.

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