Shaping the Future of Public Procurement: Insights from the Study Visit in Haarlem

Did you miss the Study Visit in Harlem on May 22nd and 23rd?

This fruitful event, held in the Netherlands, was directed to all professionals interested in public procurement, sustainability, and circularity

First day of the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Innovative and Responsible Public Procurement was filled with captivating presentations from leading experts in the field. Throughout the day, attendees were treated to insightful talks that shed light on crucial topics and initiatives shaping the future of public procurement.

The session commenced with presentations by Elina Värtö and Valentina Schippers-Opejko, who highlighted the achievements of the European Innovation Award winners, the City of Vantaa (winner 2021) and the City of Haarlem (winner 2022). These presentations provided an overview of the cities’ innovative and responsible public procurement practices, showcasing the positive impact they have had on their communities.

After the award winners’ presentations, Valentina Schippers-Opejko further delved into practical instances of innovation and circularity in the City of Haarlem. This segment of the session demonstrated how the city has successfully incorporated circularity and sustainability principles into its procurement processes.

Highlight of the session was a training program on innovative and circular procurement for public authorities incorporated under the EU Horizon project PROCEDIN, held by the Coordinator of the Project and Professor of Public Sector and Healthcare Procurement at University of Twente, Louise Knight. The training aimed to enhance the capacity of public authorities in implementing innovative and circular procurement practices, empowering them to make more informed and responsible procurement decisions.

Public Procurement is a strategic tool that can help to tackle challenges public authorities are dealing with – social, environmental and economic challenges. Innovation, green mobility and circularity are in the strong focus of the Urban Agenda Partnership and the EU funded project PROCEDIN.

During the event, participants had an opportunity to see many experts from the field on stage. Dieuwertje Walch from Klimaatverbond Nederland delved on CO2 pricing, Huub Saris and Jeffrey van Beusekom were discussing the EU funded LIFE project on Circular Sport Pitches, Philipp Riegebauer from BABLE Smart Cities, Cornelia Dinca from Amsterdam Smart City, Marc Pattinson from G.A.C. provided an update on the EU funded EU PROTECT project on climate change, climate services and earth observation, and Eriika Autio from KEINO/Motiva concluded the presentations by highlighting current initiatives and activities related to procurement.

Following the presentations, attendees embarked on an interactive Study Visit to the Innovation Hub lab C-district. This was a unique opportunity to observe firsthand the innovative and sustainable solutions developed by local producers, entrepreneurs, and innovative start-ups emphasizing the accessibility of innovation for SMEs, public authorities, and professionals.

In addition to the enlightening presentations, participants worked on advancing key actions of the Urban Agenda (find here the link to the EUI website with information about the Partnership). The focus was on developing an International Procurers Platform, achieving EU Green Deal goals by using Public Procurement as a strategic tool, and enabling Sustainable Economic Recovery. The event recognized the efforts of action leaders Matthew Baqueriza-Jackson, Louise Knight, Mara Inzaina, and Valentina Schippers, along with the meticulous organization led by Debby Jansens.

Next Urban Agenda Partnership meeting will be on 28th and 29th November 2023 in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

Summary of the Urban Agenda Partnership meeting and Study Visit “Shaping the Future of Public Procurement” can be found in the newsletter here.


Next Urban Agenda Partnership meeting will be on 28th and 29th November 2023 in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

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