Launch of EL-IPS: The University of Twente’s Journey Towards a Better Future in Procurement

On March 23, 2023, the University of Twente will mark a significant event in the field of purchasing and supply management. The European Laboratory for Innovative Purchasing and Supply (EL-IPS) will be launched, providing additional momentum to the research and education activities across the university. The launch of EL-IPS will be accompanied by a mini-conference, which will focus on the practical use of research for purchasers.

Over 30 PhD students, assistant, associate, and full professors will focus specifically on purchasing, procurement, and contracting across public, industrial, health, and infrastructure sectors. The aim of EL-IPS is to find synergies between these four areas and serve as a research lab, connecting with society to serve practitioners.

In the afternoon, the inaugural lecture of Professor Louise Knight will take place, with the common theme being the Future of Procurement. The lecture will be held online, and the link can be found at the University of Twente’s Inaugural & Farewell Lectures page on Vimeo.

EL-IPS is a significant investment for UT, and the launch of this research lab and the accompanying events will be memorable events for purchasing and supply management researchers at the University of Twente. Event agenda:

For more information about EL-IPS and the events on March 23, please contact Dr. Klaas Stek ( and Esmee Peters (

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