Improving Responsible and Sustainable Procurement in the European Union: A Resource Mapping and Research Survey

The PROCEDIN Project and the URBAN AGENDA network, both supported by the European Union, are conducting a survey for resource mapping and research. The goal of the project is to improve responsible and sustainable procurement in the European Union for procurers and service/product/construction providers.

The PROCEDIN project will accelerate the Procurement of Innovation (POI) in a specific domain covering two critical areas of innovation – Circular Economy and Green Mobility. By mapping the complex landscape of growing expertise, experience and learning infrastructure, and relating resources to the varied needs of different stakeholder archetypes (defined by organisation type, the extent of POI experience, etc.), key gaps in provision will be identified and addressed.

Particular attention is paid to promoting enduring access and increased uptake of POI guidance and learning resources for buyers and vendors, and to building leadership capacity for driving and embedding innovation through strategic procurement.

Resource mapping is an important aspect of the procurement of innovation. It involves identifying and mapping out the resources that a company or organisation has at its disposal, as well as identifying potential gaps or weaknesses. By understanding the resources that are available, organisations can better plan for and acquire new and innovative technologies, products, and services.

PROCEDIN invites stakeholders to participate in a survey on resource mapping in the procurement of innovation. The survey will take approximately 15-20 minutes, and will provide valuable insights into how organisations are currently approaching procurement of innovation and how it can be improved.

Participation in this survey is completely voluntary and responses will be kept confidential. The survey will consist of multiple-choice and open-ended questions, and the data collected will be used to improve resource mapping in the procurement of innovation.


PROCEDIN appreciates the ecosystem’s time and effort in providing the project with valuable information. The insights gathered from participation will help the project understand the challenges faced by organisations in the procurement of innovation, as well as the best practices for overcoming those challenges and driving innovation.

Participants who provide their contact information will receive updates and the results of the project, including tools, reports, and databases.

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