The PROCEDIN Project Successfully Launched with Kick-off Meeting in Haarlem

During the 27 of October 2022, the PROCEDIN Project (PROcurement Capability – Embedding and Driving INnovation), funded by the Horizon Europe programme, held a Kick-off Meeting in the Dutch city of Haarlem.

The meeting organised by Municipality of Haarlem gathered five project partners from the Netherlands, Slovakia, Ireland, and Bulgaria. Consortium discussed in person the project’s objectives and future work, and set initial steps for the successful building of procurement capability for embedding and driving innovation.

Partners responsible for the PROCEDIN Project’s success and implementation are:

Project Objectives

The goal of the PROCEDIN Project is to accelerate the Procurement of Innovation (POI) in a specific domain covering two critical areas of innovation – Circular Economy and Green Mobility – in the context of European cities’ innovation for sustainability and resilience agendas.

Objective 1: To map, make more accessible, and promote the use of POI development resources.

Objective 2: To map and mobilise key POI stakeholders to accelerate and embed POI adoption.

Objective 3: To develop, provide and promote uptake of guidance on legal frameworks.

Objective 4: To facilitate procurement leadership in driving and embedding POI to generate dynamic innovation ecosystems.

Objective 5: To disseminate project activities, resources and other outcomes throughout the duration of the project, via multiple channels to reach all stakeholder groups.

Follow the PROCEDIN Project in its 2-year-long journey of driving profound and systemic change, as well as scaling the procurement of innovation adoption!

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